Rekindled love poems

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Give us a chance

- by 197

I want to ask just one thing
Baby please forgive me
I did not mean to hurt you in any way
Baby please understand me
I know that you caught me before
Doing the same thing
But I ain't ready to lose you
I need to be your everything
Just give us one more chance
I know it will be worth your while
Because baby your the only one
That can change a frown to a smile
His lips where nothing,
Compared to your sweet taste
And from my memory
That kiss has already been erased
I just want you to realize
That I live without your eyes
Looking at me in that sexy way
Baby believe me I ain't telling no lies
Please forgive me baby
I promise I wont do it again
I want to be yours forever
I want to love you till my end
OK Precious I wrote this in like 15 minutes right, then I realized shi+ u wanted it in Spanish, so give me a few and I'll write one in Spanish...lolz
::ME LI::

One day at a time

- by Bill Turner 162

Love flows from your heart
Passing over your sensuous lips
So long we have been apart
I long for my hands upon your hips
Your words brought comfort to me
As if sent from above
Laughter and hearts running free
Once again driven by love
Twin souls brought together
To create a new life
Finding each other forever
Eternal husband and wife
We have the same wonderful goal
Taking it one day at a time
Making each other whole
Cannot come up with a rhyme
I miss that wonderful smile
The look of love in your eyes
It has been such a long while
I long for your loving surprise
Hearing I love you
With that passionate tone
Knowing what I want to do
If it were not for the phone
An embrace and kiss
Feeling the beat of your heart
It is you that I miss
I have from the start

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