Confused love poems

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Loving you

- by Mary Scott 59

I can see the pain in your eyes from the hurt in your heart,
and I'd really love to fix it just don't know where to start.
Every time you let me in a little you shut me right back out,
and it makes me wanna scream,
"I am a grown woman and games are not what I'm about!"
But instead I'll say I love you and I'll say it a million more times,
if that's what it takes for you to know for you to acknowledge it in your mind.
I will never hurt here it is on paper in pen,
and I bet if you look at the bottom of these feelings hitting paper
you'll find my signature at the end.
You have to know I love you, after all this time.
I'm just afraid because when I'm with you my heart is no longer mine.
So this is it I'm giving in.
My white flag has hit the sky.
I'm giving you my everything don't make me wonder why.
I loved you then, I love you now, and somehow I know I always will.
So for me please take your time, relax your mind, and learn how to chill.

Jealous love

- by Justin Eugene Shelton 58

Hands starting to sweat
Next thing you know your palms are wet
it gets harder to swallow and your mouth is so dry
you are mad and feel like you could cry
doesn't she realize how this makes you feel?
while you stare at him with a look that could kill
she smiles and look to him like he could do no wrong
I don't think he is so funny
She still loves you and calls you honey
that's what you tell yourself as your blood starts to boil
it feels like your heart is beginning to spoil
is it getting hotter in here?
that's what you have to ask someone as you take another sip of beer
she must know how bad it makes you hurt
sitting here watching her flirt
maybe it is just you, maybe it not that bad
why is she doing that? your friend just has to add
it is as bad as you thought
this is a lesson no one should be taught
so you call her over and say come sit with me
tell her I love you, sweet pea
give her a kiss and shoot him a smile
and thank God that only lasted for a little while.

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