Stop suicide poems

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Child to dad

- by Mel 60

It's been 13 years daddy.
I really, really miss you.

Mum said you're not safe, you're not in the beautiful place they call heaven.

I learnt how to swim a few summers ago,
Can you see me?

Starting kindergarten with out you was hard.

I have a picture of us,
It's put away,
you seemed like the greatest daddy .

I swung myself on the swing for all those years.
It was so lonely
I know I would of liked you pushing me.

I wish I knew what it would have been like for you to tickle me.

The time it took for me to grow without you
Made me hate you.

I sleep with my head up, just in case you come home and kiss me goodnight,

I try not to cry
don't mean to be sad,
I try daddy but it hurts

Mummy doesn't say anything about you
Expect how selfish you were to take your own life,
But I understand,
I have that reoccurring thought sometimes,
Just to be with you.

Are you sure you're not coming home?
Maybe someday I can visit you in heaven, okay?

I love you so much

I miss you daddy


Girl forever gone

- by Angie Flores 58

Her face is puffy and red, while painful tears stream down her sad face.
She cries out loudly, hoping someone will hear her silent screams.
So many voices going through her head,
telling her how better she would feel if she were dead.
She places her shaking hands over her ears, trying not to listen.
She yells out once again for help, yet no one comes to her rescue.
She then remains sitting there on her cold bathroom floor, while the clock ticks by.
Her body begins to shake uncontrollably, unable to stop it all.
Starting to realize that no one cares, feeling so alone and helpless.
She finally comes to the decision that there is only one thing left to do.
She brings her shaking hands together, closes her eyes and prays.
She speaks to god one last time and tells him this:

"Lord, I'm so tired and the pain inside doesn't want to go away.
I can no longer shed anymore tears, for my eyes hurt me really bad.
The voices in my head don't want to go away.
My heart aches so bad that it's become too unbearable for me.
No one loves me, no one cares, no one wants me, and no one can help me now.
I tried being the good girl everyone wanted, but it wasn't good enough.
All I wanted was for someone to love me God.
Was I asking too much?
I'm so sorry God but I have to end my suffering the only way I know how.
Please forgive me God for what I'm about to do."

She opens her eyes for the last time, and quickly grabs for the razor blade.
She forces the sharp blade against her wrist.
She starts slitting her veins, deeper and deeper into her flesh.
The dark blood pours out more and more onto the floor all over.
Feeling weaker and weaker, becoming more and more unconscious by the seconds,
the blade drops from her hand onto that cold floor, her final resting place.
Her cold body now collapses to the floor and she slowly begins to feel the pain fade away along with her soul, finally falling into an endless sleep.
She lays there dead, yet free of pain.
It is now quiet, no screams, no tears, no suffering, just utter silence.

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