Sister death poems

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Without you

- by Vb 59

What could I have done,
To be the one
To help you through your darkest hours

I wish I knew,
What troubled you
And gotten ridden of your demons

But I was blind,
I could not see
And now you're gone forever...

Why did you leave?
A wave of grief
Relentless, merciless, and endless

Has hit us hard,
And in its might,
I'm devastated, hurt, and shattered

Please understand,
You are my friend,
Intelligent, beautiful sister

We shared so much,
But I misjudged
And did not see your struggles

If I could change
What fate arranged
I'd do it in a heartbeat

I never knew,
That without you,
My heart would ache so badly

Know that I will keep you close to me,
No matter where I go or where I'll be

My sister's rocking chair

- by Belinda Stotler 58

Over in the corner sits an empty rocking chair,
Yet, my mind's eye can still picture her there,
Gently rocking to and fro at a slow steady pace,
Wearing a soft loving glow upon her sweet face;
As the rocking seemed to carry her worries away,
And eased the painful weariness of the long day.

My sister's old rocking chair sits so quietly now,
But seems to revive my grieving heart some how;
For it stirs fond memories of talks we once had,
Which gave us such comfort when we were sad,
Or helped us recall funny stories of childhood years,
That brought glorious laughter mixed with joyful tears.

To many it's just an old forgotten chair in the corner,
But it is so much more to this solemn mourner;
For it is where a beloved sister would often sit,
Sharing her humorous stories with charming wit,
Or giving advice that came from a compassionate soul,
Oh, how these lovely memories now serve to console.

Sometimes I will sit in my sister's rocking chair,
At moments when missing her is too much to bear,
And I need to feel closer to the kind generous heart,
To which I was forever bonded from my life's start;
She was my most trusted confidante and loving friend,
Who I will always cherish beyond my life's end.

How lonely and forlorn that old chair seems to be,
But I realize it's not the chair that is lonely - only me!
For I miss the dear sister who once graced the chair,
Oh, how I wish she was still quietly sitting there;
Gently rocking to and fro at a slow steady pace,
Wearing a soft loving glow upon her sweet face.

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