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- by Tony Doiron 59

You were lying in my arms,
As I tried to say goodbye,
"It might be for the best," they said,
But I knew that was a lie.

I gazed at your little handprint,
Given to us that day,
You wouldn't feel pain again,
But I wanted you to stay.

You fought for every breath you took,
Never letting go,
Until one day God made you His,
Leaving all of us below.

Although you couldn't walk or talk,
Or even count to ten,
Your short life had more impact,
Than a hundred million men.

(written by Tony Doiron)

My precious daughter lindsey

- by Terry Gouveia 58

I remember it well, the day you were born
Everyone was happy, smiling faces adorn
The epitome of what every baby girl should be
You were loved so much, anyone could see.

A year passed by and then came your brother
You didn't know how to handle having to share your mother
You adjusted and grew close to your brother Robbi
Two of you inseparable as two could ever be

A year and a half later, you fell ill
I prayed to God to give you strength and will
You fought hard and clung desperately to life
Until God summoned you home on that cold December night

Twenty-six years have passed slowly by
Robbi's grown into a man, so handsome and shy
I know we'll be together some day
Until then I just have one thing to say

I love you, I miss you so terribly
My baby, my precious daughter Lindsey

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