Baby death poems

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In heaven on your birthday

- by Krista Nielsen 59

Precious in your little frame, You danced into my heart.
And with the grace with which you came, With grace you did depart.
You held my finger in your hand, And with it held my soul.
I fell in love with those wide eyes, One kiss and I was whole.
You caught me by surprise The way your only need was me.
And I learned I need you too, But I had to set you free.
Your monkey feet have left Such an imprint in my life.
And sometimes I still hear you, Crying for me in the night.
You're in heaven on your birthday And I can see you way up there,
With the cutest party dress on And a bow, tied in your hair.

An angel's dad

- by Daniel Kerr 58

I can't begin to express the pain that I am in,
I lost a part of me and that hurts me deep within,
you said goodbye before we ever got the chance to really say hello,
you were gone in a flash leaving tears mixed with love and sorrow,
I don't know if you chose your path or it was chosen for you,
but I'm glad I was on your journey before you got your wings and flew,
you're my angel now watching over us from above,
my inspiration for life and my teacher of the meaning of love,
in 19 days you taught me more than I even thought I could know,
how could something so small have so much courage to show,
you taught me that I need to stay strong and never give up,
that it don't matter if it is half empty or full just enjoy the cup,
it's funny how someone that was only here for such a little while,
can be remembered with every heartbeat, tear and smile,
the pain I have in my chest does not make me feel sad,
it's just the battle wound I have for being an Angel's Dad!

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