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One last kiss

- by Marty Pijanowski 59

I have fought the feelings
And emotions inside
That fills and empties me,
Like a fast rolling tide

There are moments of pain
Of sorrow and hate
Leaving me to ponder.
Many hours of late

I love you honey.
It's your presence I miss.
And I terribly long
For that one last kiss

But the greatest pain of all
That hurts me so deep,
Is after giving you my love
I can't have yours to keep

To have you by my side
Always longing for more,
And have you feel the same,
To mutually adore

You see my love; I have given you my heart
And revealed the depths of my soul
And now I am left feeling hopelessly empty,
Paying this immeasurable toll.

It's selfish I know
to feel this way
But it's how I feel,
each and every day

Always hoping and praying
For the next time we meet
For you to allow me, once again
To feel complete

And rest assured
I WILL see you again
For it's not a question of if
But a question of when.

And when that time comes
I'll be in total bliss
For no longer will I wait
For that one last kiss.

My bride

- by Brad Higgins 58

When I had you I was afraid to die
Now that you're gone, death is my friend; he is by my side
If he takes me today I will go with a smile
Let others cope and heal for awhile
Selfish? Why yes I am that for sure
They are stronger than I, and this pain I can not endure
So death take me today, next month or year
Death I am ready, and you I do not fear.

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