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Memory eternal

- by Alexis F. Douros 60

That is what I will remember,
Your bravery and your love
That caring wise and watchful eye
Which now peers at us from above.

I wish I knew you years ago
With your sly smile and charm
Seventy one years of slicked back hair
And a lovely lady of your own.

I knew the man you became
The uncle who I adore
The leader of a family
Who gave us more and more.

There were so many lessons
Most important how to fight
To be proud of who we are
Stand up with all our might.

Through all the important moments
You made sure to be there
When I graduated Magna cum Laude
You went through all you could bear.

The cancer had made a comeback
But you wouldn't let us know
You grinned and bared the pain
But we saw you lose your glow.

Every day I came to see you
Determined to give you strength
Refusing to believe anything could hurt you
At least not to any length.

That last Thursday I walked in the room
My heart dropped and I knew
Your time with us was wearing thin
I knew that I was losing you.

And still the pain didn't matter
You fought to stay with your wife
You promised you'd never leave her
So you strained and clung to life.

The truest gift you gave her
Was to go without her there
You heard us say it was her wish
And you passed the load to bear.

Surrounded in love and admiration
We stayed with you as your guides
And the sun shone on your face
As you began to switch sides.

A year later I still ache to see you
To hear you laugh or see your smile
I'd willingly bear a harder load
Just to talk for a little while.

That is what I'll remember
Your bravery and your love
That caring wise and watchful eye
That now peers at us from above.

My uncle

- by Nikkii Fahy 59

I came into this life
You held me in your arms
You kept me safe
So no one could harm

You taught me values
Lessons in life I would learn
You taught me to respect
I gave you love in return

You have always been in my life
Through thick and thin
And now my lonely journey
Without you will begin

For you were my hero
Forever and a day
You will always remain that hero
Till I meet you again some day

I will embrace you in my arms
And hold on tight
I will stand by your side
And you will never leave my sight

I miss you so much
The pain does not ease
I pray you are happy
And finally at peace

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