Death of lover poems

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Guardian angel

- by Tennille Pace 59

This is for Jordan. I wrote it to mark the first anniversary of his passing...

You were so beautiful,
In everyway,
So amazingly wonderful,
I think of you everyday.

This is so hard to believe,
I miss you so much,
All there is to do is grieve,
Can't call, text or touch.

I know you're no longer here,
It's so hard to say,
Every now and then I cry a little tear,
Then I remember you're with me everyday.
Not in sight, sound or touch,
But always in presence,
I know you'll always watch,
You'll always leave me with your beautiful presence.

You were my soul mate,
We both knew,
Nothing can prevent fate,
Not even me or you.

I'll always love you,
I promise to never forget,
The boy who was so true,
And left no regret.

I don't believe you life was short,
As your Father once told me,
This world is an airport,
And you my sweetheart have flown free.
Off to a new start,
A whole new world,
Always in my heart,
All tattered and curled.

Give us a big smile,
Even though we're all hurt,
We all live our lives in a different style,
Knowing your resting is our only comfort.

Jordan you were my world,
My absolute all,
Now my heart has been swirled,
I promise to never fall.
My life is dedicated to you,
I'll live my life,
Just have to start anew,
You'll help me I know its true,
Just like our Love,
That got stolen from someone above.

Forever in my Heart, you'll now be my Guardian Angel. Rest in Paradise…Love Tennille.

Stage 5

- by Michaela Oh 58

I look at the rain, think of the happiness
It just doesn't work...
All the nice things you've done for me...
What did I do for you?
I just wanna get your body out of that tiny chamber of yours
and see your beautiful face one last time.
I look at everyone in black.
I don't see a smile around...
My heart is pounding...
My tears are pouring...
I was about to say yes...
I would walking down the aisle right now...
But someone had to shoot you before I even answered.
But I will NOT find a new lover.
I will always have feelings.
For you.
You're in my dreams, my mind, even my nightmares
I know you're right next to me, right here, right now
Reading this poem with me that I made...
You smiled and vanished.
That was the best moment of my life.
I guess life is over for you..
I suddenly faint...
With a heart attack...
I die with you.
I'll meet you in Heaven, or Hell.
I don't care as long as we're together.
But I didn't get to see you again, surprisingly
as I got back up from my 5 minute death
Our relationship will be nonstop.
Nothing can come between it,
I wouldn't cry if you left me,
I'd die from depression.
I hear voices in my head
It's you!
You say you love me, and stay to stay right here on Earth...
I agreed, and continued with life.
But always know, I would die if our love...would be gone
Darling, I love only you.
We were the perfect two ɛ

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