Sick friend poems

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Deafening silence

- by Sarah 59

I look deep into your eyes
but all I see are lies
where there was hurt and suffering
there's now a black hole of nothing
I don't know if I can save you
after everything we've gone through
but I'll try
until the day I die
because you deserve so much more
you're someone worth fighting for

My darling

- by Emma Etwell 58

My darling, My girl,
Why are you so sad?
Why can't you see that life is not all bad?
You're my angel,
Please don't cry,
I don't understand, so please tell me why?
Your beautiful face,
Your fading smile,
I vow to make you happy for more than just a while.
You're so precious,
Why cant' you see?
I beg you to break that chain,
Then you'll be free.
The past is gone,
It's not going to change,
But the future is yours...
For you to arrange,
Live your life,
Be happy, don't cry,
I'm here and now those tears can dry.
I love you, my darling,
Let go of the sorrow,
Because I'm here for you....
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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