Friends forever poems

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Being a friend

- by Trenda N. Sparks 59

We have something that holds us together
Something that made us both better
Something called being a friend
It makes the fun never end
And it helps me to know that when
I am down and blue
Because you're my friend
I can count on you
We run through life without a care
Would anyone try to part us?
They wouldn't dare
And when the time comes for me to go
I really want for you to know
That even though my life has come to an end
I will never stop being your friend

Forever friends

- by Janilyn B. Rentillo 58

True friends are hard to find,
but there you are you came into my life.
You came to me in a perfect time,
I'm so happy you're a friend of mine.

We've been together for so long,
in a fantastic place where we belong.
We shared the mysteries of our life,
laughter and tears are seen in our eyes.

You're with me and I'm with you,
you comfort me and I LOVE YOU.
A part of me becomes part of you,
true friendship I've found in you.

Now it's time to say goodbye,
tears of sadness keeps falling in my eyes.
So, please don't cry my darling friend,
Coz our friendship will never end.

Yes it's true we'll be apart,
Coz I'm here and you there.
With you my friend I want to tell,
whatever happens we'll be FRIENDS FOREVER!

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