Graduation poems for friends

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- by Stephanie L. Tomberlin 59

It seems I had a dream last night that I was five years old.
I was taken back to my home town before my house was sold.
As I lay there lost within a dream, sleeping in my bed,
Memories of younger days circled in my head.
I walked along a narrow trail not knowing of its end.
Then suddenly between the trees stood my life long friend.
Still as I was dreaming I watched from day to day.
I never left my best friend's side or lost a moments play.
I watched as we grew older; how quickly time had passed.
All those years behind us had come and gone so fast.
Then in my dream I saw him there, standing in the crowd.
His graduation day had come; I'd never been so proud.
When he walked into the gym that day all dressed in cap and gown;
I watched and faked a smile while my world turned upside-down.
I realized then this was no dream and I couldn't help but think,
of all those years that passed us by when all I did was blink.

Saying goodbye

- by Eriel Armitage 58

I feel the time is getting close,
When we will have to part.
I'll show that I'll miss you,
With last words from my heart.

We must be dreaming,
For it has gone too fast.
The time we have spent together,
Will soon be in our past.

I'll forget this day is coming,
Today I stand here.
Trying to tell you,
How much I really care.

We'll go our separate ways,
And I'll make it if I try.
Just hold on to our memories,
Say Never, Say Goodbye!

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