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- by Web 59

"Give everyone the benefit of the doubt."
That's what I always teach.
But even my own words of wisdom
are now somewhat out of reach.

I cannot begin to explain my disappointment and distress
caused by a friend who has yet to acknowledge my unhappiness.
Unbelievably thoughtless, inexplicably rude;
my anger is boiling over at such undeserved attitude.

My time, my energy, my support and my constant concern
are apparently shrunk down to nothing when asked for just once in return.
Selfish? Unthinking? Or simply careless remarks?
Origins don't really matter to me once they have entered into my heart.

Wait it out, do not respond at all
is what I am sincerely trying to do.
But I may eventually lose that battle
and the friendship could become a wound.

Friends for never

- by Danielle Enros 58

Friends forever, you promised.
Never to part, you said.
But now we've fought,
Words were thrown between us…
And now I'm lying here crying on my bed.

Part of me feels,
That it'll never be the same…
Sure we've fought before,
But they were always fixed,
And we both took responsibility to the problem,
But in this one fight,
You said there was only one person to blame…

I've always been there for you.
And I know I always will,
Because I cared about you then,
And I care about you still.

Friends forever,
Was what we said we'd always be,
But look what's happened today,
We've fought and now you are gone…
So what I really need you to see,
Is what you made it feel like,
All the tears I've cried,
The hurt I've felt all through the night,
You said friends forever,
But really,
It was friends for never.

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