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- by Morgan Gregg 59

Do you remember, when we were young, those promises we made.
The promise to be there for each other, no matter night or day.

The promise to keep secrets, no matter what they are.
The promise to be friends forever, no matter where we are.

The promise to stand up for each other, no matter what the cause.
The promise to never judge each other, no matter all the flaws.

The promise to always tell the other, they're doing something wrong.
The promise to remember this, when the other has sadly gone.

The promise to always help each other, no matter what the weather.
The promise to always keep a promise, from then until forever.

We're older now, we've changed, we've grown, we've forgotten many things.
We've lived through life, are facing our end, whatever it may

We've had our problems, doubts, and sorrows, that came along the way.
Yet still we've managed, to keep them all, the promises we made.

Bonds of friendship

- by Craig Burkholder 58

From the day that I first knew you,
Your heart was pure and kind;
Your smile was sweet and innocent,
Your wit was well refined.

The sparkle in your eyes was keen,
Your friendship fast and real;
Soft words were your virtue,
And humor your appeal.

We grew as friends together,
We laughed and shared our dreams;
Along the way crush or two,
Went unrevealed, it seems.

As years rolled on, our paths were split,
Our roads went separate ways;
We each pursued our interests,
That occupied our days.

We soon forgot our youthful bliss,
Of tender carefree years;
We didn't talk or keep in touch,
Throughout life's pain and tears.

Then my darkest hour came,
And tried me to my core;
To save my heart from ruin,
I closed and locked the door.

Then out of every nowhere,
With precise directed cue;
An old familiar smile,
Came slowly into view.

Although much time was gone,
And the die of fate long cast;
It was as if we hadn't missed,
A second of the past.

You listened with attentive care,
And reassured my mind;
That loving hearts are still alive,
With purpose and design.

Deep inside I've locked way,
Emotions yet untold;
As time goes on, and bonds grow strong,
They will all unfold.

So thank you, friend, for taking time,
To demonstrate your love;
It's yet another blessing that,
I'm undeserving of.

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