Childhood friend poems

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Friendship: one of god's greatest gifts

- by Lauren Manning 59

I was the young age of three,
and oh, so very small.
I knew almost nothing,
nothing at all.

When I saw a cute little girl,
shaking with fear.
All along in the corner
with her eyes full of tears.

I thought to myself,
I'll go be her friend.
So I went over to her
and touched her sweet little hand.

I said to my new friend,
"Do you want to play?"
My new friend said, "Yes,"
and her tears went away.

It's been fifteen years now
and our friendship's still strong
I can hardly believe
we've been best friends this long.

As I went to her that day
I was the angel to be.
How could I have known
that God sent her to me?

But, angels need two wings
if they don't want to sit and just rest,
So, God combined both our wings
to show us were blessed.

We can't thank him enough
for his gift of kindness and love
We are both each other's angels
sent from heaven above!

Broken friendship

- by Leanne Blount 58

When I looked out ahead of me
I did not understand
Why you were not here with me
To hold my petite hand
And walk across this world with me
To say that it's okay
To show me which way I should go
To be here every day

When it happened I was only young
Although three years ago
And during the losing process
I felt extremely low
But now when I talk to you
Or see you in the street
I don't want to hide or run
It's you I want to meet

All that happened is in the past
And I don't want to return
Because from our situation
I did naught but learn
I know inside we're strong enough
To forgive and forget
We can choose our paths in life
In stone they are not set

So even though we lost each other
There was no me and you
There is no need to sort it out
Our friendship was true
And it will carry on like that
I know we can be friends
This can be our beginning
Does not have to be our end.

So what I'm trying to say is
And what I say is true
That what I want more than anything
Is to be friends with you

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