Missing you friend poems

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Every time i see you

- by Samantha 59

Every time I see you,
my heart melts with happiness.
You make me laugh.
You make my heart sing.

Every time you talk to me,
I feel speechless.
Your voice is soft and sweet to me.
It calms me in the worst of times.

Every time you smile at me,
I want to smile too.
You brighten a dark day.
You make the sun come out from behind the clouds in my heart.

Now, you're gone.

My heart is broken.
Everything is crashing down on me.
I need someone to take this weight off my shoulders.
I need someone to dry my tears.

Why did you have to go?
I need you.
I need your love.
Life seems impossible without you.

You are my sunshine.
Now, the rain is pouring down.
The clouds are black.
A storm is approaching.

Without you I am nothing.
I need you to tell me that you love me.
To hold me in your arms again.
I need your comfort.

Even though you are gone.
Even though you have moved on,
I will always love you.
You will stay forever in my heart.

Forever in my heart

- by Gabi Abbott 58

I miss your smile,
I miss your laugh,
I miss you,
and that happiness you always had.
But one day your smile had faded away,
I still remember how I felt that day,
Your warmth and comfort that was always near,
Your life and joy seamed to disappear.
You took your last breath,
To end your suffering,
If I said it hadn't affected me,
I'd just be bluffing.
If I could change everything,
You know I would,
I would change it for you,
I know I should.
But what if the sadness I had infected everyone else?
What if like a disease it spread all about?
Maybe I wouldn't do it,
It would just be greedy,
I'm sorry if I sound so desperate and needy,
You have to see this is hard for me to get through.
When every friend I had had was you.
You left me!
You forgot me!
Take me with you!
They say you're in a better place,
and someday I'll be there too.
I guess I'll wait for that someday,
I can't do this to someone else,
Put them through the pain,
That truly doesn't have any gain,
No matter what they say.
I want to scream,
I want to cry,
I have gotten to low points,
Where I just want to die.
But the sad tears are gone,
Now that the damage is done,
And all I can do is smile,
I can remember all of the fun,
The fun we had when it was just you and me.
I cry, but they're happy tears,
when I'm looking back on all of our memories.

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