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The life of a cupcake

- by Shelby Greer 59

They put me in the oven to bake.
Me a deprived and miserable cake.
Feeling the heat I started to bubble.
Watching the others I knew I was in trouble

They opened the door and I started my life.
Frosting me with a silver knife.
Decorating me with candy jewels.
The rest of my batch looked like fools.

Lifting me up, she took off my wrapper.
Feeling the breeze, I wanted to slap her.
Opening her mouth with shiny teeth inside.
This was the day this cupcake had died.

Happy trails to cancer shirt

- by Sam French 58

It was purchased just for you,
when you're happy or you're blue,
you can wear it on your head,
'round the house or in your bed,
you can wear it in the dark,
while you're strolling in the park.

You can wear it going to Church,
or by the tele watching Lurch,
you could wear it to do the wash,
or when cooking stew or squash.

Frosty Freeze is like Carvel,
always had this great old smell,
frozen custard, ain't it grand,
lots of trips to that old stand,
Werner Brooks and A & W,
didn't have Wawa or VW.

Thought this shirt might have some power,
to take old cancer to the shower,
to make you laugh and push that bug,
with a big old "Frap" and a giant mug.

Whatever it does, it's inspired from above,
and sent from your brother with a whole lot of

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