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The cafe

- by David Bloomfield 59

I'm sitting by the window as I munch my current scone
And I'm very pleased to see that the early crowd has gone
The place fills up quite quickly when the cafe opens up
And after the early rush, only a few are left to sup

I'm sitting by the window as a tram pulls up outside
It's mainly full of school kids and lots more want a ride
I can watch all the people as they scurry off to work
Up and down the High Street and past the "Ugly Turk"

I'm sitting by the window as I'm joined by my mate Bert
He's quite a lively lad and with the girls he likes to flirt
But today he seems unhappy, and as he starts to tell me why,
The waitress comes and asks what he would like to buy

I'm sitting by the window as Bert gives me the news
He's having trouble finding a decent pair of shoes
He's tried all the usual shops but without any real success
And he really needs a special pair as his feet are in a mess

I'm sitting by the window reading about my football team
And I ask the girl who's serving for some apple pie and cream
I'm feeling rather peckish and this will help to fill me up
And I also finish off my tea and ask for another cup

I'm sitting by the window and I see it's started to rain
The weather's been pretty poor of late and the temperature very low
I start to wonder whether I should leave and catch my normal tram
But then it brightens up outside so I order some toast and jam

I'm sitting by the window as a couple come through the door
He's is his early forties and she looks about twenty-four
They go and sit at a corner table out of my direct view
And I wonder what their relationship is and what they're going to

I'm sitting by the window as the lunchtime crowd appears
It seems to be young office workers and a couple of old dears
The sandwiches of cheese and ham are quickly snaffled up
With crisps and wafer biscuits and some pea soup in a cup

I'm sitting by the window looking sideways at the Goth
She's wearing a big overcoat that's been eaten by a moth
She's also got big hobnailed boots, and to me, she looks quite odd
But I'm just an old-fashioned pensioner, and some say, a silly sod

I'm sitting by the window as things start to quieten down
The youngsters have all eaten up and have drifted into town
The waitress asks me if there's anything else I want to buy
And I tell her I'd like a plate of chips and a lovely chicken pie

I sitting by the window tucking into my pie and chips
And the staff are counting the takings and working out their tips
When I've finished eating this meal, I think I'll catch my tram
Because in the Home, at tea, they've promised cream cakes and plum jam.

If four is a party this is a parade

- by James Guerin 58

I have one too many personalities,
I don't know which one is really me,
So if I'm nice at first, and then I'm mean,
You just met Sally, and then met Steve.

Yes, it's strange, but don't be alarmed,
Steve and Sally cause no harm,
Neither does Sarah, or Sammy, or Stu,
But Darwin and Devin and David sure do.

Be cautious around us,
The villains I named,
You won't know who's who,
We all look the same.

Half of us would hug you,
And falsely reminisce,
But half of us will kill you,
So in this cell we sit.

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