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Hiren Bhattacharyya[Prem aru Rodalir Kobi] (1932 - / Jorhat, Assam / India)
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- by Hiren Bhattacharyya 11

He is sitting sullenly,
The pale night on his lap
Like a child, just dead.

Failure! I know not thy other names
Thou may be a heap
Of murky sky.

Who knows, in which part of the sky,
These pale dim infernos
Lie slumbering on!

What is it that burns in me

- by Hiren Bhattacharyya 10

What is it that burns in me
That swells
The agony and ekstecy my heart.

In all my senses
Hums the tune of your love
Burns intensely that
Saturates with ash
Inside and out of my heart.

Maybe the colloquialism of your love,
Will incinerate me in a slow pace.

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