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Heather Fuller(Keflavik)
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- by Heather Fuller 44

the childrens replay
setting the house on fire
the house that is not set
but setting still
as they say down
the Gospel Road smoking
stalks of old growth put
that in your pipe and be
gone with you

"you must have answered
me in your head"

to be so caught up in the how-to
manual of visual support for
corporate litigation when
James recognized Carolina
as the visionary mecca
and bailed out of Virginia

touched 48 states in 33 days
on 52 dollars then caught in
Florida trying to ride a bicycle
to Italy where each house has
6 TVs 2 sometimes 3 on
all the time

I was born with the caul
but no guarantee

in the chorus line of you
have no talent and will be
asked to leave come quick
in 15 minutes I won't be able
to help you

stricken [from]

- by Heather Fuller 1


a teacher ::record:: helps a boy get a gun

it's about not ::record:: looking mistakable



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