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Friedrich Schiller(10 November 1759 - 9 May 1805 / Marbach, Württemberg)
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The Forum Of Woman

- by Friedrich Schiller 816

Woman, never judge man by his individual actions;
But upon man as a whole, pass thy decisive decree.


- by Friedrich Schiller 263

Angel-fair, Walhalla's charms displaying,
Fairer than all mortal youths was he;
Mild his look, as May-day sunbeams straying
Gently o'er the blue and glassy sea.

And his kisses!--what ecstatic feeling!
Like two flames that lovingly entwine,
Like the harp's soft tones together stealing
Into one sweet harmony divine,--

Soul and soul embraced, commingled, blended,
Lips and cheeks with trembling passion burned,
Heaven and earth, in pristine chaos ended,
Round the blissful lovers madly turn'd.

He is gone--and, ah! with bitter anguish
Vainly now I breathe my mournful sighs;
He is gone--in hopeless grief I languish
Earthly joys I ne'er again can prize!

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