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Frances Darwin Cornford(30 March 1886 - 19 August 1960 / Cambridge, England)
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The Guitarist Tunes Up

- by Frances Darwin Cornford 46

With what attentive courtesy he bent
Over his instrument;
Not as a lordly conquerer who could
Command both wire and wood,
But as a man with a loved woman might,
Inquiring with delight
What slight essential things she had to say
Before they started, he and she, to play.

A Recollection

- by Frances Darwin Cornford 37

MY father's friend came once to tea.
He laughed and talked. He spoke to me.
But in another week they said
That friendly pink-faced man was dead.

' How sad . .' they said, 'the best of men . .'
So I said too, 'How sad '; but then
Deep in my heart I thought with pride,
'I know a person who has died.'

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