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Elizabeth Daryush(8 December 1887 - 7 April 1977 / Oxford / England)
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- by Elizabeth Daryush 35

She said to one: ‘How glows
My heart at the hot thought
Of battle's glorious throes!'
He said: ‘For us who fought
Are icy memories
That must for ever freeze
The sunny hours they bought.'

She said to one: ‘How light
Must your freed heart be now,
After the heavy fight!”
He said: ‘Well I don't know…..
The war gave one a shake,
Somehow, knocked one awake…..
Now. life's so deadly slow.'

Flanders Fields

- by Elizabeth Daryush 33

Here the scanted daisy glows
Glorious as the carmined rose;
Here the hill-top's verdure mean
Fair is with unfading green;
Here, where sorrow still must tread,
All her graves are garlanded.

And still, O glad passer-by
Of the fields of agony,
Lower laughter's voice, and bare
Thy head in the valley where
Poppies bright and rustling wheat
Are a desert to love's feet.

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