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Cesar Vallejo(16 March 1892 - 15 April 1938 / La Libertad)
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Tiempo, tiempo

- by Cesar Vallejo 117

Mediodía estancado entre relentes.
Bomba aburrida del cuartel achica
tiempo tiempo tiempo tiempo.

Era Era.

Gallos cancionan escarbando en vano.
Boca del claro día que conjuga
era era era era.

Ma?ana Ma?ana.

El reposo caliente aun de ser.
Piensa el presente guárdame para
ma?ana ma?ana ma?ana ma?ana.

Nombre Nombre.

?Qué se llama cuanto heriza nos?
Se llama Lomismo que padece
nombre nombre nombre nombre.

Paris, October 1936

- by Cesar Vallejo 64

From all of this I am the only one who leaves.
From this bench I go away, from my pants,
from my great situation, from my actions,
from my number split side to side,
from all of this I am the only one who leaves.

From the Champs Elysées or as the strange
alley of the Moon makes a turn,
my death goes away, my cradle leaves,
and, surrounded by people, alone, cut loose,
my human resemblance turns around
and dispatches its shadows one by one.

And I move away from everything, since everything
remains to create my alibi:
my shoe, its eyelet, as well as its mud
and even the bend in the elbow
of my own buttoned shirt.

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