Arthur James Marshall Smith poems

Arthur James Marshall Smith(8 November 1902 - 21 November 1980 / Montreal)

Political Intelligence

- by Arthur James Marshall Smith 30

Nobody said Apples for nearly a minute
I thought I should die.
Finally, though, the second sardine,
from the end, on the left,
converted a try.
(It brought down the house.
The noise was terrific.
I dropped my glass eye.)

Meanwhile Mr BaIdwin
managed to make himself heard.
He looked sad
but with characteristic aplomb said
keep calm there is no cause for alarm.
Two soldiers' crutches had sexual intercourse
on the spot with a little bit of fluff
from a lint bandage in the firing chamber
of a 12 inch gun.
People agreed not to notice.
The band played a little bit louder.
It was all very British.

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