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Archibald Thomas Strong(30 December 1876 - 2 September 1930 / South Yarra, Melbourne)
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Sonnets of the Empire:Gloriana's England

- by Archibald Thomas Strong 13

Forth sped thy gallant sailors, blithe and free,
Fearing nor foeman's hate, nor iron clime,
Nor Lima's flame, nor Plata's fever-slime,
So they might give thee far Cathay in fee;
Yet swept thy poets o'er a vaster sea,
'Neath fairer gales to Indies more sublime,
Questing along the golden shores of Rhyme
For all the treasure of eternity.

One will, one end, one pulse of deep desire,
Drove Hudson through the ice to joy and death,
Sped Drake to glory through the long South roll:
And kindled Marlowe's eager heart with fire,
Set Spenser voyaging 'neath the spirit's breath,
And won the world for Shakespeare's captain soul.

Sonnets of the Empire: Australia to England

- by Archibald Thomas Strong 12

By all the deeds to Thy dear glory done,
By all the life blood spilt to serve Thy need,
By all the fettered lives Thy touch hath freed,
By all Thy dream in us anew begun;
By all the guerdon English sire to son
Hath given of highest vision, kingliest deed,
By all Thine agony, of God decreed
For trial and strength, our fate with Thine is one.

Still dwells Thy spirit in our hearts and lips,
Honour and life we hold from none but thee
And if we live Thy pensioners no more
But seek a nation's might of men and ships,
'Tis but that when the world is black with war
Thy sons may stand beside Thee strong and free.

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