Spring poems

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- by Camille Gotera 59

When the cold, harsh winter has given its last breath,
When the sky above shows life instead of death,
When the claws, reaching to the frozen sky becomes decorated with
When the animals-long in hiding- scurry from trees,
We know winter has ended.

When the frost on grass is replaced with sweet dew,
When the fields become dotted with flowers, reminding me of you,
When the lonely silence becomes filled with melodies,
When you feel warm air, erasing bad memories
We know winter has ended.

When the hard, bare ground becomes painted with green,
When the frost-bitten air becomes fresh and clean,
When the coats and boots are all stored away,
When the playgrounds become occupied again with child's play,
We know winter has ended.

When you hear the pleasant sound of children's laughter,
When the air is filled with joy- long sought after,
When the world is filled with sunlight, brighter and longer,
When the song of Mother Nature becomes stronger and stranger,
Spring has begun.

Nothing so rare as a day in june

- by Danielle Owens 59

Nothing so rare as a day in June,
the air so fine and the blossoms all blue.

The weather just perfect, the skies never gray
The bugs always buzzing and the tree's seem to sway

The sun beats so warmly on the tenderness of my skin,
and the birds..they fly, far away in the wind,

June is the month that carries a tune,
it's beautiful melody floats like a balloon.

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