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Whales: an innocent death

- by Chelsie Woodhead 59

As the gentle giants swim through the sea,
Not expecting a thing,
A sharp metal object is heading their way,
And they feel a sharp sting.

They don't know what happened,
But they feel a lot of pain,
The innocent creatures,
Are pulled up by a chain.

Now they've figured it out,
They know what's going on,
A whaling harpoon has hit them,
A massive violent gun.

As they're pulled up to the whaling ship,
Their condition deteriorates,
They get weaker and weaker,
They're in a terrible state.

The last thing they see,
Just before they die,
Is the satisfied look,
In the fisherman's eye.

I hope this proves,
How cruel whaling is,
Well how would you like it,
If you were treated like this?

A view of a cat

- by Stephanie 58

sleep on
your bed, making
it my own, and
and when you are
away, I'm at home
all alone. I walk
around the food
bowl, sniffing out
what's there, and if
there's nothing good, I
I look at you and stare. I
curl up near the fire place
warming up my paws, I
pounce upon the scratch
post, sharpening my claws.
I see a mouse in front
staring straight at me, I
run and try to catch it
but it runs away from
thee. You see I am so
cute, so gorgeous with my
fur, when
close my
and purr.

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