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Garden of gold

- by Lois E. Felder 59

I walk through the garden,
On this warm summer's day,
To smell the flowers,
That grandma raised.

In the middle,
Of this garden of gold,
Stood this one,
Single red stem rose,
The rose means so many things,
From the ones you receive on your wedding day,
To the one you get on Valentine's Day,
But this single rose standing here today,
Represents the love grandma gave.

From the love she gave,
When she planted it that day,
To the love she gave us,
Each and every day,
So when you pass this garden of gold,
Remember the love that this rose holds.

Secret garden

- by Catrin Hitchcock 59

I have a secret garden,
Where I can laugh and play.
I have a secret garden,
Often it's there I stay.

I have a secret garden,
No one else knows its location,
I have a secret garden,
That's gone through a transformation.

My secret Garden used to be,
An average unkempt garden,
It wasn't the place for me,
With all bonfire wood chard and,
No where I could sit,
Or admire the imaginary view.

I grew that garden,
I planted flowers every where,
I made that garden,
With little gnomes here and there.

But as I grow old,
So does my secret place.
Flowers withered,
Weeds grow
Gone is the jackdaw,
Gone is the crow.

This was my secret garden,
I played here as I child,
But now as I stare,
Over my secret garden,
I only hope one day,
Another child may put my garden,
To repair....

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