War poems

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A soldier's daughter

- by Alisha Mcaleese 60

When I first came into this world
You could not be there.
But mommy promised every night
That you would always care.

Each day I grow a little more
And I'm beginning to look like you
Mommy always says you love me
And daddy, I love you too.

Don't think that I am mad at you
my heart is full of fear.
but daddy I forgive you
I want to make that clear.

I know each day you think of me
and wish you could come home,
each day you also fight for me
so that I am free to roam.

You should know I miss you daddy
And I really need you near.
so please be safe at least until
the next time you are here.

Words not spoken

- by Beatrice Boyle 58

Although he could not say with words
The love he felt inside
He treasured every moment
And his heart would fill with pride
He never said I love you
But he came to every game
Even in defeat his son knew
He loved him just the same
He'd pat him on the head
Or maybe ruffle his hair
And tell him he was proud of him
As long as he played fair
When he graduated college
I love you wasn't said
He smiled as he shook his hand
Mumbling, well done, my boy instead
When his son went to war
He trembled as he spoke
And brushing away the tears
He made a little joke

Now, his son's come home
And he stands with eyes downcast
His hands stroking the coffin
Saying I love you son at last!

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