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Dark world

- by Austin Low 59

Who will be the sight,
for the blind?

who will be the voice,
for the mute?

who will be the sound,
for the deaf?

who will stand up,
for those who can not stand?

Who but us?
The ones this world will be ran by,

who will be the comfort,
for the beaten?

Who will be the light,
in a world of darkness?

Who will stand up,
and make a change for the world,

If we do not.
Who I ask?
Who will but us?
No one will.

The blind will not see,
the mute will not speak,
there will be no sound for the deaf,

those who can not stand,
will not stand,
those who are beaten,

will not find comfort,
there will be no light,
in a dark world,

so if you say no,
and you stand with me,
you will be,

the sight for the blind,

you will be the voice for the mute,

you will be the sound for the deaf,

you will help those who can not stand,

you will be the comfort for the beaten,

and you will be the Light,
in a very dark world.

Let peace begin

- by Don Nielsen 58

Sound of thunder, flash of light;
Children screaming, the sound of fright.

The bombs that fall, from up above;
They take away, those that we love.

Cursing, swearing, "how do they dare";
Kill our people, for whom we care.

War is hell, just can't win;
Pray to God, let peace begin

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