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The bikers road

- by Daren L. Gardner 59

Raise the door or just take off the cover,
there she sits just waiting for us to hover.

Our first glance we know she waits,
just as our mind anticipates.

As we sit on the seat, a turn of the key,
we know for sure this is the way it should be.

Pull out the drive and head down the street,
whether we are alone or heading to a meet.

The direction that we take as the wind hits our face,
remember it's about the joy, not about winning a race.

The curves, the hairpins, or just the straights,
with every lean, there's just something about the path we take.

It's the feeling we get as we straddle of course,
a passion and a love upon that steel horse.

So as we roll along and feel the ground,
with every throttle twist taking in the sound.

Be aware of the others as your mind clears the load,
hoping they remember this too is "The Bikers Road".

What was going through your mind

- by Dj Tanner 58

Whats going through your mind when your running up the side, only 1 man to beat?
When he runs fast you'll run faster, can he take the heat?
Whats going through your mind when the X is open for the 40 yrd touchdown pass?
He catches the ball and you hope this moment will always last.

What are you thinking about when there is a hole the size of Texas on the 28 toss?
What are you thinking about when you sack the QB for an 18 yrd loss?

Whats going through your mind when coach is yelling at you for dropping the ball?
Why is it that on kickoff you got stopped at the first wall?
Coach told your parents before the season that you would most definitely letter.
You gotta learn from your mistakes, always making yourself better.

Your a good player, but you got a big head, you think your the best.
You don't listen during practice or do the drills, why you so different from all the rest?

Whats going through your mind when everything starts to go bad?
What are you thinking about when you miss what you once had?
Your gettin buried in the depth chart, grades slippin, where'd it all go?
You start to drink, thinking, who's gonna know?

You weren't a team player, you were only out there for yourself.
What was going through your mind when you saw there were no trophies on the shelf?

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