William Carlos Williams poems

William Carlos Williams(17 September 1883 - 4 March 1963 / New Jersey)
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Libertad! Igualdad! Fraternidad!

- by William Carlos Williams 181

You sullen pig of a man
you force me into the mud
with your stinking ash-cart!

--if we were rich
we'd stick our chests out
and hold our heads high!

It is dreams that have destroyed us.

There is no more pride
in horses or in rein holding.
We sit hunched together brooding
our fate.

all things turn bitter in the end
whether you choose the right or
the left way
dreams are not a bad thing.

Berket and the Stars

- by William Carlos Williams 167

A day on the boulevards chosen out of ten years of
student poverty! One best day out of ten good ones.
Berket in high spirits--"Ha, oranges! Let's have one!"
And he made to snatch an orange from the vender's cart.

Now so clever was the deception, so nicely timed
to the full sweep of certain wave summits,
that the rumor of the thing has come down through
three generations--which is relatively forever!

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