Sivavakkiyar poems

Sivavakkiyar(10th Century AD / South India)
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Sivavakkiyar's Padal

- by Sivavakkiyar 26


Why, honey is the bee's saliva;
the beetle's saliva is on the flower,
the cows milk itself is mixed with the saliva of the calf!
why should there be so much fuss over it?


Milk does not return to the udder, nor butter to the butter-milk;
Nor the life within the sea-shell, if it breaks, to its body;
The blown flower, the fallen fruit, do not return to the tree;
The dead are not born, never, never, never, never!

The Supreme It

- by Sivavakkiyar 20

The slothful
Say: He is far, far, far
But the Supreme It
Is spread everywhere
on Earth and in Heavens.
O you poor dumb ones,
stunned and suffering
through towns and fields and forests
in Search!
He is right there
within you!
Stand still
and feel Him,

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