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Sayeed Abubakar(21 September 1972 / Jessore / Bangladesh)
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A Stony Hero

- by Sayeed Abubakar 258

Here death, killing, violence, hunger
round the clock play the doom's game;
Snatching, hijacking, injustice, inconvenience
grow the grass of sorrow in the field of life.

Here life is like the Padma@ on whose banks
stands the sandy sad shoal vast, stretched and lonely;
Still life does not bow down to sorrow
but stands erect like the rocks.

Here drought, flood, tidal surge
come like giants in greed of life
and then inflicts raids and riots
on life like Azrael*.

Yet what a stony hero this country is- that does not
get cracked into parts in drought of sorrow!


- by Sayeed Abubakar 257

Break down all walls.
Break down all boundaries.
The whole world is a country
where we live.

We are the citizens of one country named Earth.
All are equal here- men and women,
the haves and the have-nots.
Our king is our God, only who knows
how to judge equally.

Break down all walls.
Let us live in a border-less human country.

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