Sant Tukaram poems

Sant Tukaram(1608 - 1650 / Dehu, Pune / India)
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Thou art more kind than mother dear

- by Sant Tukaram 23

Thou art more kind than mother dear,
More soothing than the rays of moon
Thy love an ever flowing tide,
Sinks deeper than a common stream
I know of none that equals Thee -
Thou best of all immortal Gods
I wave my name above Thy head,
And part it at thy holy feet.
Ah! Sweeter than sweetest things,
And mightier than all the elements,
Thou rulest O'er the Universe,
And seest that it goes all right,
In silence do I lay my head
upon thy feet , and pray 'Forgive'

None See Me Off

- by Sant Tukaram 20

None see me off. Let those go home who will
Receive this blessing from a loosing heart
Let righteous deed secure you all good weal
Ye brought me up and gave me to one
who will not give you cause for anxious thoughts
I must now walk with my dear Lord of Life
Whom have I followed with inborn love.
If your love for me I give free scope
'T will cause delay.Be calm,allay your grief
who take each other by the hand secure
full purpose of this life - as Laws assert
we part for good; reserve for talk the past.

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