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Sant Surdas(1478 - 1581 / India)
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Krishna Goes To The Woods

- by Sant Surdas 23

O Krishna, darling of Gokula, awake

I have brought you milk, curd and sugar-candy come and partake of these delicacies: your pals are at the door, calling you to play; the sun has risen and it's time to go to the woods.

Hearing her words Krishna joyfully arose and after breakfasting departed for the woods Says Suradasa, my heart's always where the Lord is.


- by Sant Surdas 20

O Hari, 'tis morn, awake, there's water in the jar for you to wash your face no need to hurry there's plenty of time.

I'll bring you whatever you like for your breakfast- dried fruits, butter, honey and bread.

Says Suradasa, Yashoda's heart overflows with joy when her gaze alights on her darling boy.

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