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Kuvempu(29 December 1894 - 11 November 1994 / Koppa taluk, Chikmagalur, Karnataka / India)
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dONi sAgali

- by Kuvempu 11

dONi sAgali munde hOgali dUra tIrava sErali
beesu gALige beeLutELuva tereya mEgaDe hArali

honnaginDiya hiDidu kaiyoLu hEmavAriya chimukise
mEghamAlege baNNavIyuta yakshalOkava virachise
nODi mUDaNadA digantadi mUDuveNNina maisiri
ranjisuttide cheluveyAkege suprabhAtava bayasiri||dONi||

dUra beTTada mEle tEluva biLiya mODava nODiri
adane hOluta ante tEluta dONiyATavanADiri

nAvu lIlAmAtra jIvaru namma jIvana lIlege
nenne nennege indu indige irali nALeyu nALege||dONi||

Oh mother, Blessed I am, to Be Born to You

- by Kuvempu 11

Oh mother, Blessed I am, to be born to you
Blessed is my soul, to be nourished by your love
I don't care if you are adorned like a queen
I don't care if thou grant every wish, like surabhi
All I know is my courtyard is filled with the fragrance
Of your sacred presence
Of the criticisms about your lacking, I am aware
The ridicules of being backward, you had to bear
Those adorned by gold, I shun
I regard you as the glorious one
In the luster of your eyes I open my eyes
With joy I'll grow in your holy land
Thy glory I'll pen; thy name I'll call
For the fortune of your service, I reject all

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