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John Wilbye(7 March 1574 - September 1638 / Brome, Suffolk)
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Love Not Me for Comely Grace

- by John Wilbye 18

Love not me for comely grace,
For my pleasing eye or face;
Nor for any outward part,
No, nor for my constant heart:
For those may fail or turn to ill,
So thou and I shall sever.
Keep therefore a true woman's eye,
And love me still, but know not why;
So hast thou the same reason still
To doat upon me ever.

Adieu sweet amaryllis

- by John Wilbye 10

Adieu, adieu
sweet amaryllis.
For since to part your will is.
O heavy tiding
Here is for me no biding.
Yet once again
Ere that I part with you.
Amaryllis, amaryllis,
sweet Adieu.

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