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◆ Some people treat love like a video game, they play them and when they get bored they cheat.
- 99
◆ If you ever get bored, just go around reminding children that the cute animals from Ice Age are all extinct now.
- 98
◆ If my ceiling fan could hold my weight, I would never be bored again.
- 98
◆ The stupid moment when you can't decide, 'Am I hungry, or just bored?'
- 98
◆ The only way to read a book of aphorisms without being bored is to open it at random and, having found something that interests you, close the book and meditate.
- Prince De Ligne98
◆ The penalty of success is to be bored by people who used to snub you.
- Nancy Witcher Astor98
◆ I wanted to be bored to death, as good a way to go as any.
- Peter De Vries98
◆ A man who lets himself be bored is even more contemptible than the bore.
- Samuel Butler98
◆ I'm afraid of nothing except being bored.
- Greta Garbo98
◆ Be yourself, and you will rarely be bored.
- Zack Aaronson98
◆ The wise person often shuns society for fear of being bored.
- Jean De La Bruyere98
◆ I have never been bored an hour in my life. I get up every morning wondering what new strange glamorous thing is going to happen and it happens at fairly regular intervals.
- William Allen White98
◆ There's no excuse to be bored. Sad, yes. Angry, yes. Depressed, yes. Crazy, yes. But there's no excuse for boredom, ever.
- Viggo Mortensen98
◆ I am never bored anywhere: being bored is an insult to oneself.
- Jules Renard98
◆ You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we're doing it.
- Neil Gaiman98

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