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◆ Maybe you could be mine / or maybe we'll be entwined / aimless in this sexless foreplay.
- Jess C. Scott99
◆ That young man with the long, auburn hair and the impudent face - that young man was not really a poet; but surely he was a poem.
- G.K. Chesterton98
◆ There is bad in all good authors: what a pity the converse isn't true!
- Philip Larkin98
◆ I am hard to disgust, but a pretentious poet can do it
- Marianne Moore98
◆ Saki says that youth is like hors d'oeuvres: you are so busy thinking of the next courses you don't notice it. When you've had them, you wish you'd had more hors d'oeuvres.
- Philip Larkin98
◆ That happens a lot with Shakespeare. The women go after what they want; the men wind up suckered into things.
- Gayle Forman98
◆ When confronted with suffering that won't go away or with even a minor problem, we instinctively focus on what is missing,...not on the Master's hand. Often when you think everything has gone wrong, it's just that you're in the middle of a story. If you watch the stories God is weaving in your life, you... will begin to see the patterns. You'll become a poet, sensitive to your Father's voice.
- Paul E. Miller98
◆ You are not your poetry. Your self-esteem shouldn't depend on whether you publish, or whether some editor or writer you admire thinks you're any good.
- Dorianne Laux98
◆ The artist (I suppose) usually pays for the privilege by some sort of partial insomnia, by the possession of one faculty that will not be controlled nor put to sleep. In a poet this must often be the visual imagination, bringing before his eyes a succession of images which he never summoned, and of which some (it is only too likely) will be ugly or pitiful.
- Mary Lascelles98
◆ it was dawning on me how uphill a poet's path was, and I confessed to her that if I had to be the choice between being happy or being a poet, I'd choose to be happy.
- Mary Karr98
◆ The arts (painting, poetry, etc.) are not just these. Eating, drinking, walking are also arts; every act is an art.
- César Vallejo98
◆ If I'm writing, at least I don't feel as paralyzed.
- Laura Goode98
◆ Live for everything, or die for nothing
- Nate Spears98
◆ No thought is a stupid thought, those who are thoughtless are thought of as stupid.
- Nate Spears98
◆ If I woke up one morning and realized that all I ever was going to be was a business man, I'd probably die. All my dreams would be shattered. Early in life I had many dreams. I dreamed of being a great basketball star. I dreamed of being a preacher. I dreamed of saving the world from war and racism. And I dreamed of being a great poet. Today, I dream only of writing.
- Harley King98

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