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◆ Is the beauty myth good to men? It hurts them by teaching them how to avoid loving women. It prevents men from actually seeing women. It does not, contrary to its own professed ideology, stimulate and gratify sexual longing. In suggesting a vision in place of a woman, it has a numbing effect, reducing all senses but the visual, and impairing even that.
- Naomi Wolf99
◆ The secret of being a top-notch con man is being able to know what the mark wants, and how to make him think he's getting it.
- Ken Kesey99
◆ Marketing is what you do when your product is no good.
- Edwin H. Land99
◆ The sheer novelty and glamor of the Western diet, with its seventeen thousand new food products every year and the marketing power - thirty-two billion dollars a year - used to sell us those products, has overwhelmed the force of tradition and left us where we now find ourselves: relying on science and journalism and government and marketing to help us decide what to eat.
- Michael Pollan99
◆ Health makes good propaganda.
- Naomi Wolf99
◆ I'll flick a penny to the dirt, and if I see one on the ground I won't pick it up. So why is .99 cents so much sexier than a dollar??
- Jarod Kintz99
◆ I want to drum up interest for instruments that are played by beating them with sticks. ?
- Jarod Kintz99
◆ After the collapse of socialism, capitalism remained without a rival. This unusual situation unleashed its greedy and - above all - its suicidal power. The belief is now that everything - and everyone - is fair game.
- Günter Grass99
◆ People need to be educated so that they can make intelligent moral choices
- Gary L. Francione99
◆ For the first time in history, children are growing up whose earliest sexual imprinting derives not from a living human being, or fantasies of their own; since the 1960s pornographic upsurge, the sexuality of children has begun to be shaped in response to cues that are no longer human. Nothing comparable has ever happened in the history of our species; it dislodges Freud. Today's children and young men and women have sexual identities that spiral around paper and celluloid phantoms: from Playboy to music videos to the blank females torsos in women's magazines, features obscured and eyes extinguished, they are being imprinted with a sexuality that is mass-produced, deliberately dehumanizing and inhuman.
- Naomi Wolf99
◆ What are other women really thinking, feeling, experiencing, when they slip away from the gaze and culture of men?
- Naomi Wolf99
◆ Today a woman must ignore her reflection in the eyes of her lover, since he might admire her, and seek it in the gaze of the God of Beauty, in whose perception she is never complete.
- Naomi Wolf99
◆ What editors are obliged to appear to say that men want from women is actually what their advertisers want from women.
- Naomi Wolf99
◆ When [beauty pornography is] aimed at men, its effect is to keep them from finding peace in sexual love. The fleeting chimera of the airbrushed centerfold, always receding before him, keeps the man destabilized in pursuit, unable to focus on the beauty of the woman--known, marked, lined, familiar—-who hands him the paper every morning.
- Naomi Wolf99
◆ The entire principle of a blind taste test was ridiculous. They shouldn't have cared so much that they were losing blind taste tests with old Coke, and we shouldn't at all be surprised that Pepsi's dominance in blind taste tests never translated to much in the real world. Why not? Because in the real world, no one ever drinks Coca-Cola blind.
- Malcolm Gladwell99

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