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The robin and the crow

- by Kathy J Parenteau 59

A robin and a crow were perched upon a fence,
an unlikely combination but they seemed to be good friends.
Standing in the mid-day sun each on a separate picket,
basking in it's rays while staring at a cricket.
The crow looked very hungry the robin seemed content,
so he flapped his shiny wings and to the ground he went.
The cricket saw him coming and jumped away in a flash,
searching for some camouflage in an open field of grass.
The crow was disappointed outsmarted once again,
so he flew back to his perch and asked his feathered friend.
"Have you had your dinner tell me would you mind"
"I wondered if you'd share with me, could you be so kind?"
The robin fanned his wings and said "come follow me"
To his nest they flew at the top of an old oak tree.
Together they shared a feast the robin caught that day,
then they fell asleep passing the time away.
There's a lesson to be learned from the robin and the crow,
and carry this knowledge with you where ever you may go.
Friendship is a special thing it's always nice to share,
it shows the good inside of you so people know you care.

Three little piggies

- by Paige 57

I have three piggies who live in the shed
they sleep in their food bowl and eat in their bed
they drink lots of water which makes them go wee
this usually happens while they are sitting on my knee!

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