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◆ Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.
- Albert Einstein99
◆ The longer you live, the more you will begin to understand who you actually are and what you are capable of doing.
- Wazim Shaw99
◆ Friends give us the courage to lift the blinds on our hearts to open up and show what we generally keep hidden from the rest of world.
- Ritu Ghatourey99
◆ Self-respect, Self-control and, Self-esteem are all parts of someones dignity.
- Wazim Shaw99
◆ When someone walks out of your life, let them. There's no use in wasting your time on people that leave you. What you make of yourself and your future is no longer tied to them. Yeah, you may miss them. But remember that you weren't the one that gave up.
- Kiara Sellars99
◆ I'm proud of who I am and what I have become. I am who I am and you're not going to change me.
- 99
◆ Being alone doesn't mean you have to be sad and feel lonely most of the time. Instead, make that time as your precious time, to meditate, to evaluate yourself, to analyze what's going on around you. To trace the path you wan to go, to figure out the things you want to do, and to improve your abilities and skills with your own. So, never be desperate when you are alone, but give it value and use it for yourself, to finalize what you really want.
- Janet Reolope99
◆ When you finally escape the hold your abuser has on your mind you get a whole new outlook on life. There's an overwhelming sense of FREEDOM you get while finding yourself once again. You'll want to do things you haven't been able to do for a while. Its like being set free from prison. And sometimes being alone never felt so good!
- 99
◆ The past is like an anchor holding us back. You have to let go of who you are to become who you will be.
- Sex And The City99
◆ I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.
- 99
◆ The more you point out someone else's flaws, the more you emphasize your own...
- Justice Cabral99
◆ You don't need to be in a relationship to be complete. You're complete because of who you are not because of who you're with.
- 99
◆ I'll rather be pretty than hot. I wouldn't want to be sexy if I couldn't be smart. I'll rather be sweet than a bitch. I'll rather have love than be filthy rich. I'll rather be me than what you want me to be any day.
- 99
◆ If You Don't Want A SARCASTIC Answer, Don't Ask A STUPID Question...
- Pacifiersucker99
◆ Sometimes People Tend To Look Your Ability On The Negative Aspect, People's Criticism Has A Lot Of Negative Stereotypes. Keep Away From Those Who Try To Belittle Your Ambitions. Small People Will Always Do That, But The Really Great Make you Believe That You Too Can Be Great.
- 99

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