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◆ Everyday is a struggle and everyday is just another battle.
- 100
◆ You can make an instinctive DIFFERENCE in a matter of seconds! Seconds are so never know, you can save someone's life if you just intervene as quickly as you can...So never ignore it cause every seconds counts!
- Donah Cruz99
◆ We're in a battle for our lives for things that really matter to us. There's a shell game going on like I've never seen before.
- Senator John Kerry99
◆ Winners in life are those who lost a few battles, but continued fighting, and never gave up
- Rashida Rowe99
◆ The greatest battle is not physical but psychological. The demons telling us to give up when we push ourselves to the limit can never be silenced for good. They must always be answered by the quiet the steady dignity that simply refuses to give in. Courage. We all suffer. Keep going.
- Graeme Fife99
◆ Depression is like a war. You either win or you die trying.
- 99
◆ What makes LIFE exciting? it's when God gives you the strength and courage to fight a losing battle, despite the fact that all you want to do is... SURRENDER.
- 99
◆ Remember, our battles are spiritual battles. The people in your life aren't the source of your problems, the forces of darkness are. When you choose to be still and know that the Greater One lives on the inside of you, you are putting yourself in a position of strength. So today, take time to be still before Him. Let His peace cover you. Let Him refresh you by His Spirit. Remember, the battles you face belong to the Lord. Be still before Him so you can see His hand of victory in every area of your life!
- Jefroy Hanson99
◆ It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is your's. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.
- Buddha99
◆ Life is a constant battle, the only way to survive is always getting ready.
- Blaze Olamiday99
◆ We all have war inside of us, sometimes it keeps us alive, sometimes it threatens to destroy us.
- Veronica Roth99
◆ As we battle our life, always remember, life is a challenge... Not a competition.
- 99
◆ Learn to respect all kinds of people. Because everyone is fighting a battle on their own. We all have our problems, bad sides, and bad days. But their is so much more behind it. Behind me, behind you, behind everyone.
- 99
◆ Life gets easier when you stop seeing yourself as victim but yet see yourself as a soldier whose survived the battles of everyday life.
- 99
◆ Love is like a war! That is easy to start but difficult to end!
- Nkemjika Linus99

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