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◆ Lebron: I'm proposing to my girl. Kobe: With what?
- 100
◆ Basketball teams, after the perfunctory lay-up drill, fall into the crowded isolation and personal style of 10 city kids shooting at the same basket or playing one-on-one.
- Ted Solotaroff99
◆ Just remember, their fans think their players are supermen. Well we're the kryptonite, and we're gonna win.
- Jim Larranaga99
◆ These Liberty girls, they don't have sex, but you can always play in the mud!!
- John Swickrath99
◆ I can't coach, but it's ok, it's my players fault, they're just not producing. I can't get on the court for them, they have to get it done, there's nothing that I can do for them. Coaching is done in practice. Plays just don't matter when it comes to game time if your players cannot complete them and I can ot draw them up. Why should a team trust in me when I cannot coach?
- John Swickrath99
◆ They run like deer, jump like deer and think like deer.
- Charles Barkley99
◆ Magic Johnson, former basketball player, may run for mayor of LA in the next election. Remember the good 'ol days when only qualified people ran for office like actors and professional wrestlers.
- Jay Leno99
◆ [On the Spurs] It was like theyve been playing all season. They have a tough defense, they dig inside. They are just a tough defensive team. Theyve got some big guys inside and they do a good job, especially at home.
- Pau Gasol99
◆ Basketball is like war in that offensive weapons are developed first, and it always takes a while for the defense to catch up.
- Red Auerbach99
◆ I hate them with all the hate you can hate with. Can you hate more than that? If you can, I hate them more than that.
- Tim Hardaway99
◆ Pressure can burst a pipe or pressure can make a diamond.
- Robert Horry99
◆ Sometimes a player's greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team.
- Scottie Pippen99
◆ What you are as a person is far more important that what you are as a basketball player.
- John Wooden99
◆ Never understimate the heart of a champion.
- Rudy Tomjanovich99
◆ We had a convicted felon as the president. ... And no organization.
- Felix Sabates99

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