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◆ If you are going to brag about how much money you are making & how you ballin,' make sure your baby mama aint around to yell 'And he dont take care of none of his kids!'
- 99
◆ Ball so hard motherf*ckers wanna find me.
- Jay-Z99
◆ Gucci, Louis, Prada, man I'm all about my dollars. (Show out) I be all up in the mall, ballin like there's no tomorrow.
- Roscoe Dash99
◆ I'd never sell my soul 'cause I'm way too cold Motherfucker, ballin' outta control.
- E-4099
◆ Ballin's not a hobby, it's my occupation. Hoes on my dick, that's my confirmation.
- Wiz Khalifa99
◆ I hoped out saggy, jeans and my rock glistening (Balling!) But I spent bout 8 grand Mami on stage doing the rain dance (I think she like me).
- Jim Jones99

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