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◆ The strongest type of love isn't the one you prove by saying, but the one you are ready to sacrifice anything for.
- Usman Ismaheel99
◆ Your freedom is brought to you courtesy of the outstanding Men and Women who serve and have served this country with honor, dedication, pride and sacrifice!
- Nishan Panwar99
◆ If it's meant for you, you won't have to beg for will never have to sacrifice your dignity for your destiny
- Ritu Ghatourey99
◆ I wouldn't take a bullet for you, because if I have time to jump in front of the bullet, you have time to move.
- 99
◆ It's better to be alone and keep your dignity than to be in a relationship where you always sacrifice your self respect.
- 99
◆ At the cross I bow my knee, where your blood was shed for me. There's no greater love than this. You have overcome the grave. Your glory fills this place; You tore the veil, you made a way, when you said that it is done.
- 99
◆ We owed a debt we couldn't pay; Jesus paid a debt He didn't owe.
- 99
◆ Appreciate your parents. You never know what sacrifices they went through for you.
- 99
◆ Sometimes love is so unfair, the more you sacrifice the more you hurt, and when you've given your best to someone you LOVE, it seems not enough.
- Nishan Panwar99
◆ There is always a reward in all hard-work and sacrifices, so you must be patient and stay strong in all circumstances.
- Nishan Panwar99
◆ Every sacrifice has a fruitful reward, every failure has a second chance. We only have to be strong by God's grace to persevere in the tests of life...
- Nishan Panwar99
◆ John 15:13: Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
- Bible99
◆ I would rather be alone with dignity than in a relationship that requires me to sacrifice my self respect.
- 99
◆ Sometimes you have to sacrifice and let go of the things you love to move on with your life. I guess that's why life comes before love in the dictionary.
- Luis Araujo99
◆ Never make yourself feel like nothing to make someone else feel like everything.
- Sushan R Sharma99

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