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◆ Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real.
- Iris Murdoch100
◆ I didn't lose a friend, I just realized I never had one.
- Nishan Panwar100
◆ Roses are red, violets are blue, so glad I finally realized I'm better off without you!
- 99
◆ Some people are like fake flowers, appear beautiful from a distance but when you go near, you realize how useless they are.
- Senora Roy99
◆ Of all the goodbyes, the kind which hurts the most is the one your ears never heard...but your heart knows it is already being said.
- 99
◆ Yeah I was in the dark and I was falling hard with an open heart, I'm wide awake. Yeah I was dreaming for so long. I wish I knew then what I know now. I wouldn't dive in I wouldn't bow down. Gravity hurts you made it so sweet till I woke up on, on a concrete.
- Katy Perry99
◆ In movies there is a clear line between the good guys and the bad guys. In life, not so much.
- 99
◆ Shortest horror story in history: Tomorrow is Monday.
- 99
◆ Yes, I know you love me, but not the same way that I love you. I wish you weren't my whole world. I wish I wouldn't have to look in your eyes and only want you. Because now that reality woke me up, I realized I have to deal with the fact that you're gone and will never return.
- Francine Chiar99
◆ What do you do when you realize that all you ever wanted was what you always had? Somehow knowing what Im missing makes it hurt so bad. When I needed some time away, you moved on like you should. I guess it took me too long to see that what we had was good. You tried to let me in again and trust me like before. I really would give anything to re-open that door. I knew what I wanted- and what I wanted was you. Too bad for me, today that is no less true. I never imagined that one day we would really be apart. Just know that no matter what I do; no matter who Im with, YOU are the one who is in my heart.
- 99
◆ As we grow up we don't lose friends, we just realize who the true ones are. So stop believing the liars, trusting the backstabbers and loving the heartbreakers because the biggest mistake you can ever make is letting people stay in your life far longer than they deserve to.
- Jazmin Garcia99
◆ There is nothing better than realizing what a crappy person your ex really was before you fell in love and was blinded by that love. Makes you much more thankful for picking up the pieces and moving on.
- 99
◆ Waking up without the people you love make you realize how important they are in your life.
- 99
◆ One day you'll wake up and realize why God kept you single for so long.
- Channing Newland99
◆ I don't regret what we had, I just need to realize we don't have it anymore.
- 99

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