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◆ You are the answer. All you have to do is believe.
- Michael Lopez99
◆ We let rip with idealism and grand words, but it's nothing but rationalizations of our own egoistic behavior. Not only do we lie to others; we also lie to ourselves. Each one of us lives inside a house of mirrors -- our own instinctive self-righteousness distorts the way we view reality so that we can justify our actions to ourselves. And there's no way we can escape.
- Christian Jungersen99
◆ Without Psychological Evolution there cannot be any form of revolution. The self is constantly changing. Be involved, be evolved, be revolutionized as lucent and fresh as the new wave hitting at the shore. Become the Sea of Changes. It starts from within.
- Grigoris Deoudis99
- sundar99
◆ It's late and most of the clerks are at home in their beds, dreaming of swimming in pools filled with real money.
- Carla H Krueger99
◆ Without pride, man becomes a parasite – and there are already too many parasites.
- Carla H Krueger99
◆ To Kalist, Baumauer's just a timber bridge in need of a good hot fire.
- Carla H Krueger99
◆ Obelm?ker is eating at his desk, a habit both Baumauer and Pissec find repulsive.
- Carla H Krueger99
◆ Pissec approaches Pamela Geiger's cubicle, itching in rhythm with her. He wants to ask her a question while Kalist is out of earshot. She's not a grass, he's sure, but stupid people die first.
- Carla H Krueger99
◆ The beagles are partying under Geiger's desk.
- Carla H Krueger99
◆ Heads swivel. Whispers erupt. As Kalist returns to his desk, bone cane by his side, he indulges, briefly, in horse practice, neighing lightly as he scrolls through a few mental images of busty secretary, Geiger, and pretty blond, Brichacek, rolling around in leather underwear on purple velvet bedsheets, then he stops and returns to reality, which is, in some ways, better than any fantasy he can create.
- Carla H Krueger99
◆ Baumauer wants a life in which he cannot be belittled, judged or controlled by worse men.
- Carla H Krueger99
◆ Obelm?ker always suspected Kalist of being a driven man with a determined selfishness that verged on sociopathic, but he actually appears to be suffering for once, in a humane way, like one who has been driven and selfish previously, but has slowly started to see the gigantic error of his ways.
- Carla H Krueger99
◆ Are there not times, Ridley, when you yourself wish only to hear the best in people – and not to be dragged downwards into the underworld we all regularly inhabit?
- Carla H Krueger99
◆ There is a means to every end. A root to any cause. Sometimes the root is more evil than any cause, though it's the cause that is usually most vilified.
- 99

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